Photo Gallery

Here you can see the entire process of making the car from start to finish.

This is how we started with our project. We have only a frame from an old gasoline RC car and we started to improvise where and how we can mount an electric motor. Here we equipped the car with front wheel drive.

Here the car is equiped with Arduino Uno with basic program for turning left and right through App. Front wheel drive is fixed and we used a battery from a hand drill.

We came to a point where we realize that we will need a larger surface area, so I made a new one from plexiglass. It looks nicer and we have more space for all the things that will come in the future.

H bridge is an electronic circuit that enables a voltage to be applied across a load in either direction. It allow DC motors to run forwards and backwards.
We find some schemes on the internet and I build one.

When we tested the H-bridge an we were sure that it is working we assemble to the surface area and connected it with Arduino and the motor.

This is how it looks put all together from the front side of the car.

We made our custom Alfa Romeo look lights for the car by using the CNC machines. We take some pictures of them at night with flash on on our camera.

And here you can see how the lights works in complete darkness. They looks pretty nice, right? :)

We wired all front lights with Arduino and we made some improvements for quick attach/detach lights.

We went a step further and we added back lights to the car and upgraded control panel, that it can controls all the lights.

I wasn't satisfied with the first version of the wiring, so we re-wired all the lights on the car with flat cable and we separate front and back lights wiring. Now it is much better.

How our back side lights looks like. Pretty awesome, yeah!

And the problems began :)
There were some problems with this kind of H-bridge. It works as it should at full power forward or backward, but if you want to control a car with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) the transistors starts to heat and explodes after few minutes.

Another H-bridge with some saftey features, but nothing help to prevent damaging the transistors when using PWM.

It's not fun if everything goes smooth without any problems. We have quite a lot a problems with this H-bridge. We even temporarily implemented thermistor (SL32 1R036) & 40A fuse but nothing helps.

I made some additional testing and measurements in my room.

Testing, testing, testing...

After all the trouble we finally found a solution! We got rid of H-bridge and we replaced it with brushless motor & ESC kit. This was not the only option, we could began to build such a H-bridge that would support PWM, but this was a better solution.

When I got all the necessary parts that I needed to upgrade a car I started to mount all together.

After upgrade this car has transform into beast :) What a power from such a small motor.

Night testing. The blue light under the car lights when everything is OK, otherwise it lights red.

Rear lights and breaking lights all glow red, they are maybe to bright, but this is up too you, you can buy a less powerful.

On the left side is a controller for the lights, in the middle is servo for turning left/right and on the right side is the circuit for Collision Prevent Sensors, Identification Lights and some parts for Speed & Direction sensor.

On the axis on the right rear side is a special A1233 Dual Channel Hall Effect Sensor which measures car speed & motor rotation direction. Motor rotation direction is the most important data which I need that Collision Prevent Sensors works properly.

Here you can see how we assemble the motor. Right now the car has only rear drive, because it's more fun to drive :) But if I want I can just connect the other two rack with a strap and I have 4 wheel drive.

Arduino Uno & XBee module, who is responsible to communicate with server. XBee modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between microcontrollers, computers, systems,... There are many different types of modules and you can simply increase the range.

Some close up photos of wiring.

Fully operational and ready for action. Car get photographed while driving.

Photoshooting (back).

Now you can go to a Video section and look video collection, from start to finish of building this project.