Car Features

All the important features which makes the car unique and special.

    Car Speed Settings

    With this option you can limit the car top speed. It's suitable if you give a car to a beginner or if you want to drive a car in a smaller area and you don't need a larger speed.

    Motor temperature

    Motor temperature is measured with LM35 sensor which is directly attached to the motor. Every 3s we measure temperature and if temperature reaches 50°C the car stops and we get notification to a mobile app. When the temperature drops below 50°C we can continue driving. With our motor we never reached this level, but it's a good safety feature if you will use some other motor that will be more loaded and will be more heated.

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    Battery level

    Battery level is checked every 30s. This data is more formal that the one we know when our battery is empty, so we don't fully discharge our LiPo battery. LiPo batteries can be quite tricky to maintenance, I suggest that you read a little about them, especially if you are not familiar with them.

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    Collision Prevent Sensors

    For preventing car collisions I used Ultrasonic HC-SR04 sensors. The car has one on the front of the car and the second one is on the back side of the car. Sensor in the front of the car is mounted on a servo motor which is constantly rotating left and right like a radar and is checking for potential obstacles. Sensor can detect obstacles up to 4m away. If system detects an obstacle, the car starts to brake.

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    Car Lights

    Just like a real cars, we also need lights :) The car have lights on the front and rear end.

    Car Long Lights

    For better lighting there are also long lights on the front end.

    Braking Lights

    On the back end you will find braking lights, they light when the car is braking.

    Turn Signals - Blinkers

    This option can be set On or Off. If On, the turn signals will blink when you will turn the car. You have an option to turn on all 4 turn signals at once or if you go backwards are also all 4 blinkers switched on.

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    Identification Lights

    Under the car are RGB LED lights that represents system status. If everything is OK then lights BLUE. If there are some problems with communication or car STOP function is triggered, then lights RED. But if the Collision Sensors detects obstacle and the braking is triggered then BLUE and RED lights are blinking.

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  • Continuous Communication

    For saftey feature a mobile App and Arduino is constantly communicating with each other. Mobile App every 100ms sends a command to Arduino and if Arduino doesn't get this command the stopCar function execute and stops the car. This is suitable in the case of communication lost that the car don't escape.

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