About Me

HELLO!my name is Matija Janc

Who am I and what are my specialties? Huh, a tuff question :)

Ok, I know something for sure, I completed a university education and I earned a degree in electrical engineering. But my primary passion is web development, I started with coding when I was 19. All this years I enjoyed in developing and building websites and all that goes with it. But somewhere in the back of the subconscious, I have always dreamed of how to merge electronics and web knowledge.

With this project I think I did that first step I needed to do in that direction. When I started with this project I quickly realized that this is what I always wanted to do, this is my REAL PASSION! I hope I can continue doing new projects in this area and that I could live on this :)

I want to thank to Blaž, Miha and Jure who helped me in realization of this project.

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