Prototype of Advanced RC Car

This page was made to present our project and to give you a bit of material for future development. This site presents production of the RC Car from the very beginning of the project through to the finished product.
Here you can find all the necessary things to build such a car. We tried that we used all the cool accessories that bring it closer to the real car.

This project is intended for people who knows a little about electronics and programing.

HOW to drive a car and HOW all works together

Do not hesitate, continue to explore ...

  • Car Features

    Inspect everything what the car has to offer.

  • Photos

    Pictures over the entire manufacturing of the car.

  • Videos

    Testing days caught on tape.

  • App Screens

    Check it out how the Mobile App looks like.

  • Software

    All the source code that you can get.

  • Electronics

    Electronics is the heart of the car.